Future-proof your workforce.

Tandem Workforce helps healthcare and skilled trades employers expand talent pools, reduce acquisition costs, and boost retention rates.

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Comprehensive Talent Solutions and Ready Candidates.

Leverage predictive hiring data and streamline your new talent strategy in one single platform. Staff impossible-to-fill positions with Tandem.


Tap into millions seeking careers.

Work with our team to assess and mend skills gaps while fulfilling hiring needs.

30 million

Americans are "Hidden Workers" and are eager to develop skills employers need.

80% retention

For entry-level learners in high turnover fields.

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Partner and build top teams.

Leverage our comprehensive range of tools and assessments to assist in efficiently screening and matching high-caliber candidates and hidden talent.

Top 10% Training Partners

We work with the best training programs based on outcomes.

3x your candidate pipeline

Increased candidate conversion over outdated models.

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Invest in early talent.

Utilize Employer Sponsorship agreements to de-risk your workforce development investments and ensure your ROI. Track success with smart invoicing and easy-to-use impact dashboards.

10-15x return

In your first year on training investment.

2-3x representation

Use customized targeting to improve diversity and inclusivity.

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Our previous one-year retention rate was around 33%. Currently, we are retaining 86% of our students.

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Director of Maintenance Initiatives at a Fortune 200 truck leasing company

One of our techs will generate between $15-20K a month in gross profit.A $10K tuition bill for an employee who’s loyal—and who we can develop with our culture over the years—is definitely worth it.

Bill Black

President and CEO, National Fleet Management

Tandem Workforce's visionary approach empowers organizations to more efficiently invest in their people to create a more diverse and inclusive environment focused on compassionate care, patient safety and innovation.

John Beatty

former CHRO BJC Healthcare

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Accelerate your talent strategy.

Future-proofing your workforce is easier and faster when you have the right partner. Find out how Tandem can help you leverage our platform to find the talent essential to fulfill your core mission.

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