End the Turnover Cost Spiral.

Attract, train, and retain the employees you need with
our all-in-one employee sponsorship solution.

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Tandem: the all-in-one employee sponsorship solution.

Drive loyalty and incentivize retention with a tuition forgiveness program that benefits everyone.


Build an on-demand talent pipeline.

Remove barriers to a bigger talent pool with a turnkey employee sponsorship program.

30 million

Americans who'd develop skills employers need if financing were available

3x qualified candidates

Talent pipeline improvements that Tandem clients experience

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Get job-ready employees in 12 weeks.

Simplify and scale sponsorship with our training partner network and program management solutions.

Top 10% Training Partners

We work with the best training programs based on outcomes.

10-15x return

On your year one training investment

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Incentivize retention.

Tandem manages, automates, and de-risks your tuition forgiveness program.

3x retention

Improvement in retention for Tandem-sponsored roles

90% cost savings

Reduction in recruiting costs for Tandem-sponsored roles

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Our previous one-year retention rate was around 33%. Currently, we are retaining 86% of our students.

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Director of Maintenance Initiatives at a Fortune 500 Company

One of our techs will generate between $15-20K a month in gross profit. A $10K tuition bill for an employee who’s loyal—and who we can develop with our culture over the years—is definitely worth it.

Bill Black

President and CEO, National Fleet Management

Tandem Workforce's visionary approach empowers organizations to more efficiently invest in their people to create a more diverse and inclusive environment focused on compassionate care, patient safety and innovation.

John Beatty

Former CHRO BJC Healthcare

Currently filling
roles in:

• Medical assistants
• Pharmacy technicians
• Radiology technicians

• Commercial and residential HVAC
• Facilities maintenance
• Electric
• Diesel mechanics
• Electric
• Plumbing

Don’t see the role you’re trying to fill here? Our model is adaptable to dozens of roles.

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