holistic security work

About Tandem

Tandem works with changemakers of all kinds including human rights defenders, activists and organizers, journalists and educators, using digital strategies and tools to build more equitable futures.
Our approaches are collaborative and practical. We believe that everyone’s experience is valuable and that the most equitable and sustainable solutions emerge from building knowledge and skill together.
Our work is informed by our personal, political, and professional roots which cross borders and celebrate difference.

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Bex Hong Hurwitz

Bex Hong Hurwitz is co-founder of Tandem and an enthusiastic breaker and maker of technology for social justice. Bex believes in the transformative power of people coming together to affect change. They see holistic security as one of many super powers social justice movements have to care for each other, be more sustainable and stand stronger against injustice. Bex is part of queer and Korean-American movements in the U.S. and they find inspiration and wisdom in working alongside others with the deep understanding that our liberation is linked.

Sarah Aoun

Sarah is a data activist, operational security trainer, and Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow. Her interests lie at the intersection of tech, human rights, and transformative justice. She’s worked with activists, journalists, grassroots social movements, and NGOs in the US and MENA region on security, ethical data & privacy, and data-driven storytelling.

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